5.25 Ratti Red Coral Planet Mars

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Gemstone Name - Red Coral / Moonga

Gemstone Color - Red

Gemstone Ratti Weight - 5.25 Ratti

Cut And Shape -  cabachon / Trillion

Red Coral or Lal moonga is the hard skeleton of small leafless bushes that are composed of intermeshed spicules of hard calcium carbonate. They looks like underwater colorful plants but in reality, they are gelatinous marine animals called polyps. Red coral is used to improve mars. The Mars Planet signify the boldness, anger, belligerent, bestiality, self-confidence, physical strength. The red coral gemstone generates ill-effect if it is being positioned in the negative houses of a native. Specially, Mangal dosh and malefic Mars engenders various serious problems in the life of a human being. The Mars is a massive planet which is contemplated to be the supreme commander among all the planets.

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